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Talk To 10
Brain Fitness Retreat : Mind Fit
Exploring The Neuroscience Of Resilience Be immersed in the latest neuroscience research in Mind Health – learn about optimal brain states, the critical importance of neurotransmitters, brain activation sites, and how basic interventions can ameliorate symptoms of developing mental health problems.
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Talk To 10
Talk to Ten is a new online initiative providing research based support to parents and educators that will be offered in plain language and covering all topics of Mental Fitness AT NO COST.

Note: A separate link will be sent for EACH Webinar. You will receive this link, 24hrs before the session. If you don’t receive the new link, check your Junk or Spam folder or contact Lyndal at [email protected]

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Understanding Wellness
Feeling good and coping with challenges doesn't occur automatically.  These qualities require some very basic ingredients that are readily available in the human mind... 
Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology enhances our knowledge and understanding of how, why and under what conditions positive emotions, positive character and the faculties that embrace this...
The ‘How to Train Your Seahorse’ Series of Brain Based Educational storybooks...


The workshop explores the main contributing theories within Positive Psychology, and how these influence our motivation and performance in both our personal and social lives...
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Positive Health Activates Wellbeing!